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Recurrent Events: Feb 16, 2021

Headlines this week include MTV's The Real World Reunion, Face/Off gets direct sequel, Rock Hall 2021 nominees, Hi-C Orange Lavaburst back at McDonald's, and NECA reveals several new action figures.

Recurrent Events: Feb 9, 2021

Headlines this week include Extreme Ghostbusters on YouTube, Uno card game adapted to movie, Cobra Kai mobile game, McDonald's Shamrock Shake returns, Sonic the Hedgehog Lego set, and a so long to Dustin Diamond.

Recurrent Events: Feb 2, 2021

Headlines this week include a Kate and Allie reboot, Kong Skull Island and Tomb Raider anime on Netflix, new Cheap Trick album, G.I. Joe in Fortnite, Pepsi Cocoa Cola, Funko Fair reveals, and a so long to Cecily Tyson and Cloris Leachman.

Recurrent Events: Jan 26, 2021

Headlines this week include The Muppet Show coming to Disney+, new Boris Karloff documentary, Resident Evil Re:Verse, James Bond joins Spectre in new comic, McDonald's Throwback Thursdays and so long to Larry King, Hank Aaron and more.

Recurrent Events: Jan 19, 2021

Headlines this week include Godzilla vs Kong being moved up, a new Dungeons and Dragons TV series, NBA Jam documentary, Riddler's Brew Mountain Dew, and Garbage Pail Kids x Madballs crossover.

Recurrent Events: Jan 12, 2021

Headlines this week include the Punky Brewster reboot premiere, Universal Monsters on YouTube, '80s Radical Sabbatical virtual event, Burger King's "new" logo, 'Groundhog Day' board game, and a "So Long" to Marion Ramsey and Tommy Lasorda.

Recurrent Events: Jan 5, 2021

Headlines this week include a Rubik's Cube movie, Night Court sequel, Toxic Avenger reboot, long lost Game Boy accessory, Kellogg's Smorz cereal returns, and a "So Long" to two actresses.

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